Taste the Katahdin difference. Humanely raised, Non-Gmo, Organic like practices.  Our ground lamb is packaged in 1lb pkgs.

Non-GMO Ground Lamb 1lb PKG

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  • Whats special about Katahdins hair sheep? Sheep have oil produceing glands just under the skin.  As a result, the longer the wool and hair stay on the skin the more robust the meat flavor.  One of the biggest differences with our Katahdin Hair Sheep is they shed their hair like a dog in the spring allowing the meat to have a mild sweeter flavor.  


    We raise our sheep on grass and grain we have grown and mixed on our 266 acer family farm. All our animals are humanely raised. giving them the ability to rome the fields grazing and playing as nature intended them to.

    We process our lambs at 115-130 lbs, giving our customers a very generous prime cut of meat.


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